The bodywork of the e-Bullet electric special comes from the Hyundai i30.

For the purposes of the e-Bullet project, it is necessary to modify the body shape of the production Hyundai i30. The new body must be lightened and modified to retain maximum torsional and bending rigidity. In the next steps, the modified body will be reinforced with a protective frame designed according to FIA rules.

Body section

The frame itself will be made of 25CrMo4 chrome-molybdenum tubes.
Therefore, it is necessary to first cut off the front parts, remove parts of the floor and make modifications to the rear. This will achieve the desired lightweighting of the bodywork while creating space for the front and rear sub frame. The strategy for removing parts must be chosen very carefully, as “less is sometimes more” or “measure twice and cut once” also applies here.


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